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Thirteen Boy Crushes and One [One Shot]

Title: Thirteen Boy Crushes and One
Pairing: HenHae (maybe one-sided, maybe not); Donghae/the rest of SuJu with his boy crushes
Rating: PG
Summary: Boy crushes were never an unusual thing in Donghae's life.
Disclaimer: I don't own.
Note: Inspired from Bamboo's song "I-You," but not really idk idk herp
Hi guiz, did we know that Heechul/Donghae was my first fav SuJu pairing. RANDOM FACTS.
Also, sorry if this is kinda 'blegh.' :'(

Boy crushes were never an unusual thing in Donghae's life. He was pretty sure just about every boy goes through it at some point-- it didn't necessarily make a guy 'gay.' He didn't have a problem with homosexuals; he just knew he wasn't one.

He liked girls, he knew that for a fact-- but if he liked a boy, then oh well. He just... didn't really believe in sexuality, per se.

His first boy crush happened to be on Super Junior's very own leader, Leeteuk. Leeteuk was a kind, noble young man-- he was good to everyone and always put the rest of the group before him.

Donghae was pretty sure that the main reason why he even liked the leader in that way was because he himself slept in Leeteuk's bed for a while.

Nonetheless, Leeteuk was a great person to know; he never complained, and always listened to the rest of the group's ideas. Of course, this came with the title of being leader, but it just came so naturally to the eldest.

He was a beautiful man, really.

Boy crush number two wouldn't surprise anyone, if anyone had found out. Eunhyuk was practically glued to Donghae's side-- they did practically everything together, and if the rest of the guys didn't know any better, they could have been dating.

When Eunhyuk himself had said that he liked Donghae when they had first met, Donghae realized that maybe, just maybe, they really could have had something going on.

Eunhyuk was such a good person with a pure heart-- even more pure than Leeteuk's. He will cry with his bandmates if need be, but that didn't necessarily mean he was a weak person. He was strong, funny, silly... a great rapper, a great dancer...

Donghae especially liked his dancing.

However, this crush was just like the first one and all the other ones that followed-- it came and was gone in a heartbeat.

Not that it was a bad thing.

The third boy crush wouldn't have been such a surprise either; if Kibum actually rolled that way, Donghae was pretty sure they both would have clicked, just like that.

Kibum was that calming anchor that kept Donghae from flying off into outer space with that childlike innocence of his. When Donghae would come to him with problems, Kibum would tell him the truth, something he didn't want to hear-- but there was something about the way Kibum would word things that still made Donghae feel a lot better.

Donghae realized he should have thought things through before kissing Kibum the night before Kibum decided to temporarily leave to focus on his acting.

Shindong was a great guy. One of the greatest guys Donghae believes he's ever known, and yes, he liked him a lot for a good two months.

The guy was funny-- he was always good at cheering people up. Donghae admired that a lot, and despite Shindong's clear "I like me my women" attitude, that didn't stop the younger male from making his feelings of like quite obvious.

That was when Siwon decided to have a little chat with him, and became boy crush number five.

"You've been acting really strange lately, Donghae," Siwon told him. "Are you still bothered by Kibummie's hiatus from the group?"

"No, I--"

"Come to church with me tomorrow," Siwon said, pulling him into a giant bear hug. "You look like you need a mood booster, and the Lord always pulls me out of gloom and doom whenever I am sad, so He will definitely be able to help you."

The fact that Siwon actually seemed to care so much made Donghae's heart flutter.

Six was Yesung.

Yesung was weird; that was a fact. Maybe it was his oddballness that seemed to draw Donghae to him like a moth to a flame.

He wasn't just strange-- he, like the rest of the members, cared for his brothers. He even cared about his pets. Too much.

Nonetheless, Donghae admired his dedication to his animals, bandmates, fans, and looking like a dummy just to make people laugh.

If that was even on purpose. Nobody could really tell with Yesung.

Seventh boy crush was Hankyung, oh Hankyung.

When everyone else got equal servings of his ever so amazing Beijing Fried Rice, Donghae always got a little bit extra.

Or maybe he was just telling himself that.

Donghae really just adored the Chinaman to bits; he himself missed his family back home, but Hankyung had family all the way in China, and had to learn to speak Korean fluently while being given vocal lessons and brushing up on dance skills.

Donghae admired how the older man never gave up, even if he was so close to doing so.

Heechul was Donghae's boy crush, on and off. The man didn't have a number really-- he was just really pretty and tended to confuse the younger male from time to time with his looks.

Donghae really adored how Heechul was never really afraid to speak his mind, but really didn't mean any harm. Heechul always stood up for his bandmates, and there was never a time when Donghae felt like he was let down when it came to Heechul.

Kangin was that person who Donghae probably never would have liked in that way, being all sorts of rough and pantsing everyone-- he was like the friendly bully of the group, every tormenting thing he did to the other members was out of love.

However, he had that fatherly aura around him-- he always took responsibility if something went wrong, and always watched over the members like a caring father should.

Thinking about it, Donghae probably didn't really like him like that at all-- he was just really grateful Kangin was there to take care of him.

Next boycrush that probably wasn't was Ryeowook. He was a very affectionate young man, always taking the time to hug all the members and make sure they're eating well, et cetera. He could have almost been more of the band mother than Leeteuk.

Donghae thought of him more as a mother than a crush, like Kangin as a father. The fact that he had borderlining feelings with those two seemed kind of creepy.

The eighth real boy crush was Kyuhyun; actually, he was on and off with him, just like with Heechul. Kyuhyun was just one of those people who just seemed so attractive to him.

Maybe it was all just lust though. It made more sense to Donghae anyway.

Zhou Mi was kind of a crush, but not really. He was always so full of happiness whenever they hung out, and even when times were hard, that smile never left his face.

If sunshine were human, it would be Zhou Mi.

Donghae believes he likes him for his sunshine.

Sungmin was someone Donghae kind of figured he'll always have that tiny little crush on-- despite the man completely destroying what little love for the color pink he had.

The older man was a gentle person, someone that should be cared for, while he manages to protect others in his own little way.

Donghae knows, everyone is just as caring as the other in Super Junior-- liking them just for these reasons isn't really good enough.

When Donghae first met Henry, he honestly didn't really think anything of him. He supported him and wished him luck on things-- he held high hopes for him, but he honestly didn't really think Henry would make it.

He felt horrible for thinking that, but it was true.

Donghae remembers seeing Henry practice dancing until he could barely walk, or even practice his violin until he hurt his hands-- work on his Korean and Mandarin until he got so frustrated, he hit something.

But there was something about Henry that just drew Donghae to him; maybe it was the fact that they were raised in completely different societies... he really didn't know. Henry had a very special aura to him...

He loved the way Henry would stutter his words; he loved the way Henry would pout when he couldn't get something right or when the other members teased him about something.

He loved the way Henry looked up to him-- or maybe there was a way Henry looked at him. Donghae didn't really know, but there were so many things Donghae couldn't help but love about him.


Would it really be love?

Donghae's liked so many people, that this just feels so different. He likes it. He loves it.

He loves when people call him 'hyung,' but when Henry does... he wants him to say it again and again.

He loves when Henry eats, because his cheeks puff up and it's the cutest thing.

He loves when Henry sings, when he raps, when he dances, when he plays an instrument. He loves when Henry works on songs, because it shows just how talented the man is.

When Henry cries in private, Donghae wants to do something to make him happy-- not that he doesn't want to do it for the other members as well, it's just... different with Henry.

He wants to spoil Henry.

He wants to hug Henry.

He wants to kiss Henry.

He doesn't want anyone else to hug Henry.

When Donghae tells Leeteuk of these feelings, without mentioning Henry's name, the leader only responds teasingly with a, "Yah! Are you in love?"

Donghae automatically denies it, because he kind of feels he has to, but...

When he hugs Henry later that day, he decides he probably is in love. There really isn't anything he'd wish for otherwise.


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