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I Miss You So Far [One Shot]

Title: I Miss You So Far (and the collision of your kiss made it so hard)
Pairing: HenHae
Rating: PG
Warning: Henry being a meanie-face XD
Summary: Donghae misses him more than he thought he would.
Disclaimer: I think my ribs just cracked from laughing too hard. Stop it. (Also, the title is from My Chemical Romance's "Cemetary Drive." I couldn't think of a title, so I did what I usually do and turned to MCR haha XD)
Notes: Sequel to My All is in You, or it can be read as a standalone maybe. Usually, when I write upsetting fics, I tell myself "NO. NO SEQUEL. NO HAPPY SEQUEL BECAUSE THAT JUST KILLS THE VERY ESSENCE THAT IS ANGST." and I hate it when my angsty essence is shot down (I love it when it hurts bahaha).
But I still feel really bad roflmao, so if you read the other fic and don't want the angsty essence to die, don't read this.
Otherwise, this is much more lighthearted and will definately make you laugh a bit more =]

And no, the twitpic link is not real. XD Don't even try it LOL

I also apologize if it is a bit rushed. ^^;

"Okay!" The director called out, giving them the sign that it was all right to leave the set. The group let out cheers of finally being finished with the MV filming and stretched, going off to change and leave for bed.

Donghae thanked everyone for their hard work, heading over to his chair to grab his things. He picked up his phone, automatically directing it to his Twitter homepage.

A smile graced his lips when he saw an update.

henrylau89 got back from lunch with the fam! lobster was huge! http://twitpic.com/wqoi39

Donghae couldn't help but smile even more at the photo that came with the link. Even after leaving stardom, Henry was still such the camera whore, taking a picture of himself leaning over the giant boiled lobster on the table with a completely flabbergasted look plastered on his face.

He was looking much better than he had been though... a lot healthier, too.

Donghae decided to reply in the best English he could.

donghae861015 @henrylau89 looking good man! Write me soon, love you bro!

They really had been keeping touch, too, for the past several months since Henry had left. He was been doing well, helping his dad and brother out with the company.

Neither of them mentioned anything of their relationship or being together at all-- it would only bring back those memories they'd rather not remember at this point.

But still...

...it would be nice to know whether or not Henry still thought of him in that way...

The van ride back to the dorm was quiet; most of the members were passed out in their seats, whereas the rest had their music on as they stared out the window.

Donghae kept his eyes trained on his phone, wondering if Henry was going to reply or ignore him.

'Maybe he's busy with something else.' He thought. 'That's okay.' Putting his phone into his pocket, he pulled his hood over his face and was out in an instant.

Across the see, fingers drifted over the keypad, pushing buttons at a hesitant pace. His thumb drifted over the OK button.

@donghae861015 i love you too

He pushed cancel instead, making sure the draft would not be saved.

It isn't long before the announcement of the upcoming Super Show tour they've been discussing and planning for a while already.

Donghae couldn't help but feel lonely.

He hated feeling lonely.

To: Mochi
Time: 15:24

you coming to any of the shows?

From: Mochi
Time: 15:25

i don't know if i can

Sometimes, Donghae wonders if he's imposing too much, and tries to hold himself back from sending messages after messages to Henry. The more he holds back, the more he needs to talk to him.

He wants to see him.

He wants to hold him.

In the end, Donghae wonders if he'll ever really get over him.

He hears Yesung loudly singing 'Neorago' in the other room. He hears the man's voice crack for a split second before Yesung coughs and hacks and his friends are laughing and there was a slight pause signalling that his band mate was drinking water.

Donghae stared at his phone, wondering whether or not he should see how Henry was doing. They hadn't spoken in a week and a half and that worried him.

'I'm being stupid. I'm being really stupid.' But he hated when Henry didn't contact them for long periods of time. That used to happen every time he had gone home to Canada in the past; they'd all think he was hit by a bus.

It got kind of bad when Henry decided to play a joke on them and texted Leeteuk from his mother's phone, saying he drowned in the pool.

The message was in English, but Leeteuk was smart and the phrase, "oh my god henry he was in the pool and now hes not breathing oh my god hes dead" wasn't exactly rocket science.

Unless you were Heechul.

Donghae feels his phone buzz and realizes he's getting a call. He didn't look, hoping that it would be Henry.


"It's me." The manager. "You need to come down and get remeasured for your outfits."

Donghae decided he should stop getting his hopes up.

donghae861015 @henrylau89 yo man! call me some time bro! peace!

It's the day before the first concert in Seoul that is going to jump start the tour.

Everyone was working out-- either that or working on their dance moves or singing.

Donghae danced.

He pushed all worried thoughts of Henry from his mind and focused on the tour that was to come; after all, it wasn't professional at all to let this things get in the way of work. Nobody would take him seriously if he did.


It'd be nice if he could come to at least one of the concerts.

The Seoul concert.

During the first half, Donghae finds himself singing and dancing on auto-pilot, scanning the crowd for any face that would look remotely close to Henry's.

Not that he'd really be able to find him in such a large audience. For all he knew, if the man did come, he probably had to wear a disguise...

With this thought in mind, he decided to look for anyone in the crowd who looked remotely suspicious.

Out of all the shows, Donghae really wanted Henry to be at the one in Seoul the most.

It was only intermission, and it was usually at this time he would be completely psyched with life and screaming and doing things to his voice he really shouldn't be doing in the break room.

But Donghae was quiet.

No matter what he did, his mind always brought itself back to Henry. It had been this way for months, actually-- he would always be thinking about the younger male in some way, worrying and just wanting to see him at least once in a while.

Listening to everyone cheering and drinking water and yammering excitedly around him as they changed into new outfits before taking a quick rest, Donghae wondered how he had managed to grow so detached from them.

Before Henry, he was okay.

During Henry, he was even better.

After Henry, he completely changed.

"Hyung?" He jumped at the sound of Ryeowook's voice. "You look a little sad... what's wrong?"

Donghae really couldn't lie anymore.

"It'd be nice... if everyone were here."

And he meant it, too.

Second to last song.

Donghae realized he really needed to stop bringing his hopes up, but at the same time, he knew there were other concerts. There was still time for Henry to come watch them perform.

But still...

His mind kept wandering; he wondered how he managed to keep up his image on that stage in front of all their fans. He knew for a fact that he had made a few mistakes, but...

Right as the lights shut off, signalling the end of the song and the beginning of the final one, Donghae fell on his bottom with a loud thunk.

Luckily, no one heard; the fans were too busy screaming with excitement.

Everyone grew silent as several thumping bass beats echoed throughout the stadium. Donghae quickly stood, brushing himself off as he readied himself for the new song.

The sudden melody belonging to a violin reached his ears and he almost thought he had died. A spot light shone from the beams above, all the way to the opposite end of the stage where a figure strolled out.

Donghae decided that when he fell, he died, and this wasn't really happening.

Henry walked to the center of the stage, playing the instrument with the most content look on his face.

The lights began to slowly dim back on, and Donghae wondered why no one else but the audience looked surprised to see their violinist.

"Where are Hae and Henry?"

"No idea. Probably catching up or something, I don't know. Do I look like their keeper? Do you expect me to know everything about them?"


"Dammit, I wanted him to talk to me first."

They sat on the grass under a tree behind the building, looking up at the incredibly clear night sky.

"I can't believe..." Donghae shook his head. "You are always so mean... telling everyone except me..."

"I wanted to make it a surprise." Henry grinned. "The look on your face was priceless." He mimicked the exact look that had appeared on the older male's face, only to get punched in the arm.

"You're a jerk."

Henry only laughed, rubbing his sore arm, "And I came with good news, too..."

"I don't care anymore, you jerk."

"Okay, I guess I'll go tell Hyukjae about it then. He appreciates me more than you ever will." Henry made a move to get up, but Donghae grabbed his arm and pulled him back down.

"How long will you be staying?"

The younger man's smile faded, "Just a couple of days..."

"So we have just the next few hours to talk until me and the gang have to go to the airport..."


All of a sudden, it was Henry's last day with him all over again.

"Donghae, come closer real fast." Henry scooted himself even nearer to Donghae, pulling out his phone. The older man obeyed, leaning his head in so they could both be caught on the camera.

"All right... turn your head a little this way..."

Donghae did so.

"All right, one, two..." Henry didn't take the picture; he dropped the phone and turned his face towards Donghae, pressing their lips together as if it were the most natural thing they could ever do.

Because it was.

Donghae gasped into the younger man's mouth, fully accepting the kiss he was receiving and was pushed back onto the grass. Henry grasped his hand and laced their fingers together.

"I missed you so damn much." He softly spoke in English.

Donghae felt a few tears drip on his face, mixing together with his own.

The few hours flew by just like that; this time, it was Donghae's turn to get on the plane and leave Henry behind instead. A replay in reverse, for lack of better words.

"Promise me you'll tweet and text me at least once a day."

A chuckle. "I promise."

The group gave Henry tight hugs before boarding the plane.

"You okay?" Leeteuk took his seat beside Donghae, handing him a tissue. The younger man nodded, taking said tissue and wiping his eyes.

"I just wish we all could have hung out a little while longer... now he's going back and I don't know when we'll be able to see him again..."

Leeteuk stared at him for a moment.

"You mean... he didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"He's going to help run his dad's company in Seoul. So we'll be seeing him every once in a while anyway..."

Donghae could only gape.


A/N I... really need to work on writing more happy fics, haha. This one turned out okay, but... >.> idk. XD
Sorry about any grammatical and spelling errors =_= I know I missed several things.
Comments are love?
Tags: #fluff, *oneshot, p: lee donghae/henry lau, ~super junior
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