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20 October 2009 @ 05:50 pm
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General DBSK

To Love Someone [R]
DBSK & KAT-TUN || Changmin / OC. Changmin / Jaejoong. Changmin / Nakamaru. Yunho / Jaejoong.
Changmin rarely ever found the time to fall in love, especially when he had his hyungs to worry about. But when he fell, he fell hard and it only led to hurt.

20 Drabbles [R, to be safe]
DBSK || Every Pairing

Changmin Drabbles [PG-13]
DBSK, Super Junior, Epik High, Misc. || Shim Changmin / Various

General Super Junior

100 Super Junior Fics Challenge Archive

It Started with the Pants [PG]
Kyuhyun / Sungmin / Zhou Mi
For redchemistry. MiMin find out they have more in common than a sack of potatoes (Hello Kitty) and Kyuhyun will not stand for any of these shenanigans (AKA In which Kyuhyun has abandonment issues).

Gender Switch Drabbles [PG-13]
Donghae / Henry. Siwon / Heechul. Kyuhyun / Sungmin. Kyuhyun / Zhou Mi. Yesung / Ryeowook. Kangin / Leeteuk.

Those Cheerios All Over [R]
Eunhyuk / Henry / Donghae
All Henry wanted to do was eat his cereal.

Changmin / Junsu (MinSu)

Erase [PG-13]
One man was suffering from a heart that was broken on his birthday; the other was suffering from the guilt of breaking a heart. When these two men meet, they want to go to all lengths not to fall with the other, hurt the other, and even hurt themselves.
00/01/02/03/04/05/06/07/ [HIATUS UNTIL STATED OTHERWISE.]

Henry / Donghae (HenHae)
Super Junior

F*ck My Life! [PG]
If it was one thing his bandmates (and non-bandmates) knew him for, it was randomly spouting curse words in English whenever he was angry.

8 Drabbles [R, to be safe]

Say It [G]
The kiss was sweet; it left a tingling sensation dancing upon the violinist’s lips as his mind tried to process the current situation (which wasn’t really happening very well).

Ice Fortress [R]
Warnings: Pre-story rape, Attempted suicide
Why did he come to Korea? "To get away." To get away from what, exactly? "Life."

Stop. Rewind. Play. [PG]
Warning: Angst
Donghae has the power to rewind time and stop things from happening at all. He never put it to use... until that moment.

Pause. Play. [PG]
They meet at the birthday party where it had all ended.

i hate you [PG-13]
Henry / Donghae. Donghae / Hyukjae
Warning: Character death
Hate can take someone so far.

My All is in You [PG]
Henry is going back home for good.

I Miss You So Far (and the collision of your kiss made it so hard) [PG]
Donghae misses him more than he thought he would. (Sequel to My All is in You)

Tweet Me [PG]
Donghae tweets Henry. Fans follow their conversation. (Sequel to I Miss You So Far)

No Need for Fanfiction [PG-13]
Donghae discovers HenHae fanfiction and develops the crazy idea that Henry is in love with him.

Thirteen Times Henry Tried to Confess, One Time He Did [PG]
In which Henry tries to confess using different strategies learned from his hyungs.

Toy (Insomnia) [PG]
Henry is in Boston and Donghae hasn't slept for days.

After a Concert [R]
"You didn't have to ignore me the entire concert, you know." Donghae muttered tiredly, pinching the younger man on the arm. "I honestly thought you were angry with me..."

The Water is Always Unpredictable in the East Sea [R]
She had seen this a lot in dramas and read it many times in books. It always started out with the lead character looking at a pregnancy test in complete shock, seeing the big blue plus sign just staring back, tauntingly.

Stay [PG-13]
Two years ago, Donghae left him for someone else.

Missing [R]
Lee Donghae is a cop assigned with finding Henry Lau, a world famous violinist. On the first day of the investigation, he ends up finding Lau straight away—only to find that Lau on the run from someone who wants his head.

Because I am the Love Doctor [PG-13]
Henry / Donghae. Sungmin / Henry. Kyuhyun / Sungmin.
Sungmin is tired of their dilly-dallying around each other and decides to take matters into his own hand. His plan kind of almost blows up in his face when the group thinks he and Henry are dating.

We're On a Plane [NC-17]
He's heard of things like this happening on planes, he just never thought he'd experience it first hand.

Of Crappy Moods and Teeny Crushes [PG]
It wasn't like he was jealous or anything. He would just watch the two and feel slightly irritated. Then he'd go to his iPod and blast Ashlee Simpson, because Heechul thought it would be funny to remove all his music without him knowing and pop in only 'Boyfriend' and 'Boys.'

Cinnamon Buns [PG-13]
Donghae is broken; Henry comes along to pick up the pieces.

Dat Phone [PG-13]
Donghae loses his phone.

Telephone Booth Call [PG]
"Promise you won't forget me, okay?"

Experience [PG]
Lee Donghae experienced all kinds of things.

We're in Your Kitchen, Baking a Cake [PG-13]
Henry wants to bake a cake, and Donghae decides to help him. Adorable, fluffy chaos ensues.

Of Muscles and Showers [PG-13]
Because of Donghae's busy schedule and Henry's working out and preparing for the new album, the two have not been able to really hang out. Now that they're rooming together in China, Donghae sees for the first time the results of the workouts Henry has been doing during their time apart.

Tape Me [PG]
Donghae finds a video camera with a blank memory card and decides to make very special memories.

A Fish without Water [PG]
It's been one month since the accident and Henry thought he'd never see Donghae again.

Of Frosting and Strawberry Syrup [NC-17]
Happy fun time in the kitchen.

This is How Much I Love You [R]
Henry becomes possessive; Donghae doesn't like this change.

Thirteen Boy Crushes and One [PG]
Boy crushes were never an unusual thing in Donghae's life.

Pudding Cup [R]
Donghae can't take watching Henry eat pudding.

Henry / Ryeowook (HenWook)
Super Junior

Confession [PG]
"You know, when you really love someone... just go for it!" Such words were easy for him to promote in a song, but in reality... [AKA In which Henry needs help with his little boy crush.]

Jaejoong / Changmin (JaeMin)

Fan [PG-13]
You are my star; I’m your number one fan; Baby please, take my hand.

Kyuhyun / Sungmin (KyuMin)
Super Junior

Yet I Still Trust You [PG-13]
Kyuhyun lies and Sungmin knows.

Standing Still [PG]
Lee Sungmin is in a coma.

Yesung / Ryeowook (YeWook)
Super Junior

Yesung is overprotective. Takes place during Thirteen Times Henry Tried to Confess.

Run [PG-13]
'Stop looking at me.' He wants to cry; there's no point. Jongwoon just closes his eyes and gives up. He wants to give up.

Yoochun / Junsu (YooSu)

Soup from the Heart [G]
Yoochun is sick and no one else is home to take care of him… except Junsu.

Vanilla Perfume [G]
He reads it, feeling incredibly happy for this person, yet at the same time, guilty. Guilty that she had to waste over three months with him, and they’ve only been able to really see each other a few times.

Umbrella [PG-13]
Junsu stopped walking, feeling the raindrops grow cold against his skin. He suddenly felt alone.
Translation [Vietnamese] by Asakura Ichirou

Yunho / Jaejoong (YunJae)

Falling Down [PG-13]
Nobody turns down Kim Jaejoong like that without paying the price.

No Pain No Gain [PG] - Sequel to Falling Down
"And I'm supposed to feel bad? He was my fucking first love too, and look at where that's got me. Old, angry, and bitter."

My Stupid Step-Brother [R for language]
Jaejoong has problems with his new step-brother.

Our Stupid Little Problems [R for language] - Sequel to My Stupid Step-Brother
It's been two months and Jaejoong is completely happy with his relationship. Now back in Korea, Yunho is helping his dad's company take off while Jaejoong works at a cafe to help pay off for his schooling. But... the thing is, Jaejoong's childhood sweetheart moves into the apartment next door...
01/02/03/04/05/06/07/08/09/10/11/12/13/14/15/ 16/17/18
Translation [Vietnamese] - You'll have to register first.

Neorago - It's You [R]
Neither of them saw it coming. Jaejoong was only depressed and drinking his life away over a break-up... he didn't know it would lead to sleeping with his teacher.
{DOWNLOAD FILE} - Changed one big thing from the actual fic.

From the Journal of Romeo's Admirer [PG-13]
Jaejoong was in love... but he wished he wasn't.
Translation [Vietnamese] by s2jungryns2 (not up as of yet)
Translation [Vietnamese] by Asakura Ichirou
Trailer by toholover

My Reason to Be [PG-13] - Sequel to From the Journal of Romeo's Admirer
Jaejoong should have moved on and Yunho shouldn’t have been so confused. But Jaejoong didn’t move on and Yunho doesn’t know what to do anymore. He thought things would get better—Jae would find someone special and Yunho could go on with life with his wife and son. But it looked like Fate wanted to screw him over some more…
00/01/02/03/04/05/06/07/08/09/10/11/12/13/ [HIATUS UNTIL STATED OTHERWISE]

Hanky Panky [PG-13]
Jaejoong / Yunho. Yoochun / Junsu.
At school, Yunho is a totally geeky guy, who is made fun of by just about everyone, including the guy he likes, Kim Jaejoong. At night, however, he helps run a dance club with his best friend, Yoochun. However, when Jaejoong applies for a job...
Translation [Vietnamese]

Broken Lullaby [NC-17] - Chapters may be locked for content.
Warnings: Incest, Character Death
Jaejoong was always the better twin, Yunho believed. He was popular, gorgeous, talented… almost everything he wished he himself was. When he pushes Jaejoong into traffic one day out of anger, he realizes he’s made a mistake and will do anything to get his older twin back. Even if it means visiting with the school’s occultist and being forced to do things just to keep Jaejoong alive.
Translation [Vietnamese] - You'll have to register first.

The Game [R] - Chapters may be locked for content.
 The Appa and Umma of Dong Bang Shin Gi decide to play a little game… whoever falls in love with the other first loses.

Doubted [PG-13]
Jaejoong / Changmin. Yunho / Jaejoong.
YunJae breaks up and Jaejoong uses Changmin to feel better.

Boss's Lover [R]
DBSK || Yunho /Jaejoong. Se7en / Jaejoong.
Summary: Plunny by jaejoongxyuno07. I'm his right-hand man and he's my best friend. As such, I cannot and will not do anything to betray him. Not even his lover will get in the way of our friendship... or so I thought.
Part 1 /

Misc Pairings

A Better Choice of Words [G]
Nobuta wo Produce || Shuji / Akira Friendship
Summary: Shuji is bothered by something. Akira really wants him to be happy.

Just a Sip [R]
Kanjani8 || Ryo / Yuu
Summary: Younger Ryo gets a little drunk...

Triangles [PG-13]
NEWS || Keiichiro / Yamapi. Keiichiro / Jeong Ji Hoon (Rain). Hint of Ryo / Shige.
Summary: He wanted someone to love, and that person to love him back.

It Hurt Too Much [G]
NEWS || Masuda / Tegoshi
Summary: Sometimes, you don't realize that you truly have something special until you lose it.

Yes. [G]
Golf-Mike || No Pairings
Summary: A short fanfic-- two sentences in all.

Comfort [PG]
Super Junior & SNSD || Sungmin / Sunny
Summary: "I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life, aren't I? I can't date someone without them wanting me for my status..."

The Most Intelligent Conversations [PG]
Super Junior & KAT-TUN || Yesung / Junnosuke friendship
Summary: Taguchi Junnosuke and Kim Jongwoon are best friends in real life.

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